Pelicans Dream
Exclusive! Not sold anywhere else. Here are some samples from "Ocean"
Yachats Sunset

What's New

Walking songs
1. CQP 2

2. Crushed Walk


I wrote this song "Montana" - must be the cool air or maybe the thunderstorm ... but it came to me ... 

October 2012 - My Birthday Month

Sept. 18, 2012 - New Songs!

Be the first to hear "Relaxation" by Cari Live on the Home Page. "Dreams" is on SoundCloud!

Online Store is now open!

"Ocean" available August 25, 2012 - listen to the samples "Pelicans Dream" and "Yachats Sunset" then buy your very own copy at Cari Live Online Store!


Feburary 2012
Space Flute
to be released by Magnatune!

January 2012
Light and Shadow

DEC 2011
Holiday Frost

April 2011
Cari Live is on iTunes!

December 2010

Freeplaymusic  - Holiday Cheer Vol. 3!

November 2010

Ambient Music Garden - Cari Live

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